Accreditation System

Microplus Accreditation System manages the access of everyone,before, during and after the event.

Accreditation System Detail

Accreditation System (ACS) accomodates the registration of allinvolved personnel and guests, including athletes, staff, volunteers, media, and other games participants.
The accreditation functions include accurate proces for registering, authentication, credential checking, identification badges production, re-accreditation and access control information with reporting capabilties.

Colors to be used for accreditation cards
Access areas
Auto or pre-assignment of registration numbers
Online registration
Bulk upload



Fixed scanner interface (TWAIN plug-in) connecting with fixed scanner, scans and uploads participant’s photo directly into the photo frame on the screen.

Web camera interface – it uploads photographs taken on the spot into the photo frame (official size) on the screen.

Issuing of official accreditation cards containing essential accreditation information such as basic identification data, access privileges, access codes and re-accreditation historical data.

Support if strict security and authenticity assurance methods such as special printing materials and barcodes.

Various reports provided – the system produces various reports and statistics using accreditation database with several different criteria.