With todays cutting edge technology we are able to advise on a suitable system for your event. Whether you are involved in circuit or road racing, drag strip or street race we have a solution that will meet your demands. We also have the ability to provide bespoke solutions. So whether you are researching timing systems for elite professional motor sports or national and club level racing, whether you are a competitor, race team, event organiser or circuit operator we always have a suitable solution.


Circuit & Road Racing Hardwired Solution

Microplus provides turne key solutions for major race circuit destination development projects around the world and can offer multiple timing and IT service.

Our expertise really comes into play when delivering live data-driven graphics which can be seen at a number of major sporting events

Circuit Time Installation

Microplus motor sports timing system is widely used to time a variety of motor sports, including rally, F1, F3, vintage car race and more !
Innovative timing solutions for tracks, circuits and timekeeper.
Optimal timing and scoring solutions for the smallest tracks to the largest race circuits.
Professional timekeeping software for timinng international auto- and motorsports events.
Microplus product is the best in class timing software for timekeepers and race circuits.

Use Microplus system for track days, sprint races, endurance, regularity or a rally.


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