Martial Arts

Microplus provides a full range of services for the major disciplines of martial arts: Judo, Karate, Taekwondo.
The Microplus systems are fully IJF, WKF, WTF and ITF compliant.
Microplus scoring system, it is composed by main and back-up units to guaranty 100% reliability, the system is able to collect and process the real-time scoring data and result data, and ensure publishing of such results on scoreboard, CIS, World Wide Web, TV graphics when needed and Microplus RPDS that allows the results to be printed where required in paper or electronic format (PDF).
Microplus delivers video replays system for all the martial disciplines.

Pre-Competition Services:
  • – Online registration system & online payment option
  • – Accreditation system
  • – Project management & On-site support to the Organizers
Services during competition time:
  • – Timing & Scoring according to the federarions rules
  • – Data Processing with ceritfied in-house built softwares
  • – Official documents generation in Olympic format (ORIS)
  • – Commentation Information SYstems for announcers and Media
  • – RTDS Information system
  • – Live TV Graphics in 3D or 2D
  • – Virtual graphics
  • – Intranet informations system
  • – Historical Athlete data Base
  • – Live Website management and relate mobile APPs
  • – ODF ( Olympic Data Feeds )

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