There is hardly any other sport that is as versatile as motorsports. There are many kinds of races. Microplus can equip most of the races with timing devices and helpful accessories.
Microplus provides a complete, simple, accurate and reliable Rally timing system.
A typical timing system used in motorsports is made by 2 photocell system (start and arrival), GPS tracking system (optional), timing console and relative timing scoreboards.
The regular starting interval can be controlled by a start clock. The timing is triggered by a photocell at the start. For communication between starter and timer a speech connection exists. At the finish the time is stopped by a photocell. The Microplus Rally system is the perfect timing device but also very well suited for this application. A display board can be controlled by the timing device. In case there is a large distance between start and finish, the impulses can be transmitted by the radio.
Microplus is involved in timing for major events both national and international.

Pre-Competition Services:
  • – Online registration system & online payment option
  • – Accreditation system
  • – Project management & On-site support to the Organizers
Services during competition time:
  • – Timing & Scoring according to the federarions rules
  • – Data Processing with ceritfied in-house built softwares
  • – Official documents generation in Olympic format (ORIS)
  • – Commentation Information Systems for announcers and Media
  • – RTDS Information system
  • – Live TV Graphics in 3D or 2D
  • – Virtual graphics
  • – Intranet informations system
  • – Historical Athlete data Base
  • – Live Website management and relate mobile APPs
  • – ODF ( Olympic Data Feeds )

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