Modern day sport competitions require more than just an audio commentary to the pictures. Organizers want the viewers to experience the event as if they were present on the field itself, even though they are comfortably sitting in an armchair. To do this, all sorts of information needs to be overlaid onto the video signal. Running time, results, statistics, replays, as well as advertising. It is important to show information in an eye-catching but discrete way. Microplus has been partner to the broadcasters for major Internationals competitions, delivering tailored solutions in a variety of sports.



Microplus, in partnership with Netco Sports Italy, is nowadays providing high quality, cost-effective broadcast camera crews, equipment rental and other production services to several events across Italy and abroad.

Since 1996, a large number of competitions along the whole Italian territories has been produced, overcoming the old concept of public-broadcasted sport events thanks to our knowledge of the market, passion for sport and innovative attitude.


With a production center based in Cologno Monzese and several mobile production units, we have been able to establish a strong and agile organization, able to deliver services for media and sport industry, from shooting to product distribution.


Thanks to over 100 full-time employees and about one thousand free-lancers, we are constantly providing our services to major Italian and International broadcasters, with end to end solution including:

  • Editorial Support
  • Creative Services
  • TV Production (onsite, in studio and remote)
  • Sales
  • Booking and Accounting
  • Digital innovation (streaming, VOD, OTT)

Additionally, a production fleet of 12 vans is capable of providing following services, specifically dedicated to live events and sport competitions:

  • TV Graphics
  • Virtual ADV placement
  • Virtual off-side
  • Player Tracking and Stats
  • VAR, Goal Line technology
tv graphics


Each TV graphic Unit is connected to a specific TV Production OB-Van and to the MDC withmain & backup LAN.

The operator follows the competition, the guidelines and, according to the director requests, prepares the right graphic pages of information that he shows in preview.

The director puts the page On-Air according to his needs



Creation and production of virtual set HD videos for: Corporate Communication, Marketing, Education, Arts & Culture and Events

Top level HD technology and cross-cultural know-how. Quick and competitive pricing with unlimited creative boost.