Microplus provides a full On Venue Result System (OVRS) service.This is the key service for all sports events. Accuracy, competence and knowledge are essential skills to perfectly master the OVRS service – this is what Microplus gives you with over 20 years of experience on the ground, operating high profile sportevents worldwide.

OVRS provides the following functions, in general:

– Retrival and modification o the biographical information of the sports entry (athletes, sports officials, judges) from ACR;
– Automatically generate the competition structure;
– Allows to define the sport schedule;
– Generates the start lists according to the rules and allows the configuration of the matches;
– Automatically captures the results from the timing/scoring devices, as well as allowing manual modification or data entry;
– Calculates all the rankings, classifications, records and medals;
– Generates result printouts and send them to the local printers for the referees’s verification;
– Sends all this information to the other systems;
– Interfaces with scoreboard screens;
– Updates central and venue databases;
– Sends report fies to the Print Distribution System;
– Intefaces with TV graphics;
– Interfaces with RTDS;
– CIS (Commentator information System).