We provide a greater value to customers with innovative solutions by utilizing our technical strength and core competencies. At Microplus, we are continually looking to deliver the ultimate in technical solution for sport while offering exceptional products and services.


For swimming competition

The Microplus HD high speed video backup is a digital timing system based on high speed cameras. Four synchronized cameras are pointed over the finish line filming the athletes on their arrival. Each camera is able to cover two lines, 4 cameras cover the entire finish line. A fifth camera is installed on the side to give an overview. The high speed cameras are able to generate 100 frames per second which means we can deliver results with an accuracy of 1/100 sec.
All videos are saved in our video-data Hard Disk: each image is recorded with exact race time. All data are duplicated in a second Hard Disk as backup.

GPS Tracking for Open Race

Microplus offers an innovative and real time tracking system for automotive racing.
Truckplus is based on the GPS technology and allows an accurate tracking of each race attendee. Due to the unique GPS system of the latest generation. Truckplus enable refined capture of racing details, such as route tracing and average speed, as well as the ability to measure lap and intermediate times with maximum precision without any external beacon. All the information gathered from Truckplus is displayed online and is then available for viewing on specifica and dedicated portals customized for the organizers and the audience


LED Side-banner management software

SpotPlus is the management software dedicated to the advertising schedules or the LED side banner display. With SpotPlus you can handle with great flexibility media content such as sponsor logos static and animated able to convey the same message or several messages over the entire perimeter of the game